Colt 40-60-260

Is there any hope of someone having a COLT 40-60-260 Cartridge in their collection? I have a marlin 40-60, Winchester 40-60 and Winchester 40-65 coming to me. I cant seem to get a accurate representation of the colt 40-60. I know it is essentially the same as a 40-60 Marlin but that is not the same …

What is the difference between the Colt and the others?

That is my problem the difference is UNCLEAR. As I said it is essentially a Marlin 40-60 which itself has the same case dimensiosn as the Winchester 40-65. But the marlin case I MADE doesnt fit properly. Then I tried a 40-60 winchester and it seemed to fit the chamber. As I cant find a conclusive anything on the colt it is confusing and you guys are the experts and I was hoping someone in the group might have one that they could get me a good image with a scale. It is just baffling and as I cant find another gun like it I cant compare it to anything

Hi Alex
Here is one, so stay sane.
Measurements are: .606" rim, .067" thick rim, .502" head, .437" at shoulder (hard to measure as so indistinct), .424" mouth, .388" bullet, 2.102" case length & 2.479" oal.

Being marked Colt noted these were for The Colt Lighting Magazine Rifle (CLMR). And as far as I know only Winchester Repeating Arms headstamped them as such.

These also exist as a board dummy & I have an extra but it has a case dent.

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Oh great WOW I was hoping but didnt expect to see one. This is pretty great I am amazed. So now I have numbers a picture and can start checking against all the info I have. THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to help me.
You mention a board dummy and a dented case. would you be willing to part with the one you like the least?
Thank you

Your welcome Alex

if it is any help to you I have an ELEY round in that caliber I was told that it is quite rare
as scarce as the Colt stamp,but here I need the confirmation of the experts on that one

Here is another thread that discussed the 40-60.

As there seems to be some confusion on this cartridge calling it a Winchester. According to Shuey: the 40-60 Colt headstamp / 40-60 Marlin casing for large frame Colt Lighting Rifle. The Colt headstamped round was made only ca 1914-1919 & Shuey rates the headstamp as 4 {out of5} in rarity, and it does not appear in catalogs.

The .40-60 Winchester or W.C.F only has a case length of around 1.875"

As far as SFM calling the Colt or Marlin 2.102" round a Winchester I would have to GUESS /assume it was copied from a Winchester headstamped Marlin round which is found as 40-60 MAR or .40-60 M at 6:00 with a W.R.A.Co. at 12:00. As an aside Dominion used a .40-60 M stamp for their version.

I have three ELEY 40-60 headstamped rounds two ball & one a board dummy with proper mounting holes and a factory holed primer. I’ve not seen one with a COLT or a MARLIN headstamp in this 2.102" case type. Could we please see a photo of your headstamp?

Now this is getting interesting I wish I could send pictures but I cannot I cannot fotograph those things I must admit
I am on a war footing with anything electronic if it were not for that you would see a lot more thing from me.
However the cartridge in my possesion is in excellent condition and has a case lenght of 2096 copper primer and
of course lead bullet weight?? Head stamp ELEY 40-60

For what it is worth I have 2 other 40-60 the one is a WRA small copper primer with W case lenght 1877
and the other a D.C.Co 40-60 W case lenght 1877 bullet weight unknown.

for what it is worth. The .40-60 Colt & .40-60 Marlin are the same dimensionally as the .40-65 Winchester. They are not the same as the .40-60 Winchester.

If you would please allow me to nit-pick a little, when you say WRA you should be, and perhaps already are, aware that the later Winchester Repeating Arms Co version owned by Olin used a WRA headstamp and not the original W.R.A.Co. headstamp. So stating you have a WRA version implies it is a later version.

Myself, I have about 27 examples of the 40-60 WCF, including 6 examples with out a headstamp by various makers, along with W.R.A.Co., UMC, UMC SH, REM-UMC, EPPS, & D.C.Co., however none is stamped WRA.

In 2011, I compiled a WRA headstamp check list, ran it by Dan Shuey & he added some he knew of or had & the .40 60 W.C.F cartridge is not included, so if yours does truly have just WRA at 12:00, (with or without periods) I sure would like to see a scan or photo.

This so called .40-60 Winchester, is more properly known as the .40-60 W.C.F. (Winchester Center Fire), has a 1.87 case length and I realize cartguy was just using the term here to fit the thread.

Ok I got a 40-60 marlin and the two winchester and NOTHING even comes close to fitting. And looking down the bore it seems too large for these rounds as well. So I am hunting again. I was thinking maybe the Maynard 40-60. Ill keep you all posted as I learn more.

Alex: Do you in fact have a Colt Lightning rifle? Is it marked as to caliber? Jack

Of course it is a colt lightning and the barrel is CLEARLY marked 40-60-260 which is the standard Colt. BUT IT ISNT>

Alex: You need to have a chamber cast made so you can identify what cartridge your Colt is in fact adapted to. Jack

Sorry I saw your answer only now I assumed A WRA round in this Cal is just that but if I caused some confusion
for you here is the complete Stamp the cartridge is in mint condition and I would rather say the print is somewhat
on the large side the rim is not rounded small copper primer with W and complete stamp is
WRACO no dash or point in between 40-60 W.C.F case lenght is 1877 it is difficult to measure

I have to write you on this site I do not know any other way to create a new website.I need your advise since I believe
that you are the only person that has that cartridge.I have a 50 Cal drawn brass case Gallager round the round is very
old and rust is bleeding through the case now that is nothing special but in the AA journals there is several listet among
them one called CONE BASE what is that base look like? How is that firing orifice constructed? How deep is it?
and no it is not the Poultney patent.Do drawings of this sucker exist?Your help would be valued.Thanks.

1st, PLEASE my name is Pete, not Peter

Now on to your question. I’m confused you say it’s brass cased but is rusty? Perhaps you meant stained?

Are you aware there is a S. Jackson’s patent [#45,830, of Jan. 3, 1865] .50 Gallager which had a vertically seamed steel case, but it also had a thin paper outer covering?

Where do you see the Brass .50 Gallager with a “cone base” noted? There are reproduction of brass .50 Gallagers but made of turned and not of drawn brass. The reproductions do not have quite the same shape as the dish angle is not as steep as the original drawn brass.

I’ve not seen a drawing, other than a patent drawing of a Gallager.

I’ve also not seen a different base shape in the original Gallager’s, although the common paper covered brass foil examples do look a little different with the paper somewhat covering the shape.

The .54 Burnside is known with different bases, perhaps that is the confusion?
The reloaded ones show a different shape due to being fired and reloaded. And some believe this is a valid or correct piece, & so note the difference when writing about it.