Colt 45 WAX


Red plastic Colt 45 round with the headstamp COLT 45 WAX, appears to be a wax filled blank, with the wax set 2 mm below the case mouth.
Who made it ??


I do not know who manufactured these, but they are not blanks. They were made for “Quick-Draw Practice” and use only the primer for propulsion.

Also, the beeswax bullet is supposed to be flush with the case mouth.


At one time I had some of these and I want to say (not sure) they were a Speer product before they came out with the little black cylindrical plastic projectiles. IIRC, they were available in other revolver cartridge types, also. Those I had came from my earliest days of collecting and I’m pretty sure I picked them out of the super el cheapo bin (12 / $1) at Jim Tillinghast’s shop when he was still in Marlow.



Yes, they were also available in .38 Spl.


Thank you for your help, I have these in 38 with the primer fired plastic projectile, but the WAX had me confused and wondering if it had another purpose.