Colt Eastern Airlines anti-hijack gun & ammo

Uses a pre-loaded, disposable zytel cylinder with plaster of Paris bullets.
Very innovative concept.

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A loaded, but not primed chamber/ cylinder insert & a projectile

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What sort of primer made it live?

I bought mine (if the same as being discussed) from IAA member, Dick Fraser (Rampant1 on the auction sites) and he is quite the Colt expert… I recall him providing some paper work which (of course) I can’t lay my hands on in short order.

As I recall; a designated Sky Marshall of the day (? 1970’s) could board a plane and simply exchange this special cylinder that for the correct revolver’s frame and have a “less likely/impossible to penetrate a pressurized aircraft fuselage skin round …if it didn’t strike it’s intended target” ammunition in his service weapon.

primed?..I think there was a individual primers loaded in the cylinder apart from the caseless “compressed chalk like” caseless rounds

now we await Fede to set us all straight !!!

PS…I guess I should have read the lead article to this thread…my comments would be more in align

“chalk vs plaster of paris” (I dont ever remember arming pilots) …oh well…chime in

PS 2…if I read the comments with the attached article…there’s a whole story of the weapon …careless of me.

case closed

MBA, of Gyrojet fame, also produced a cartridge that was adopted by the U.S. Air Force Military Airlift Command for about the same purpose. It had the advantage of not requiring a special firearm; any old .38/.357 revolver would do nicely. You can see these at the IAA Cartridge of the Month I did a few years back at

In addition, check out for more on the Colt product.

“caseless “compressed chalk like” caseless rounds” ?

The bullet or projectile is chalk-like nothing caseless as there is a case, see my photo of the inserts which would be installed in your / a cylinder when completed for issue.

As for the primers see Pepper’s photo of the back of the cylinder for the Boxer primer pocket

Thanks Mel! I hadn’t found this forum until 2019, so never saw your excellent article on the “Short Stop”. Thanks for posting up a link.

For those who may not remember or never knew about it, all past Cartridges of the Month can be seen at

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Pete, thanks, but I could not tell from the photos- nothing really to scale it- and did not want to make a presumption.