Colt T-12

Found these pictures on the web.

Who knows more about a this cartridge .12


I likely have 50 variations of “pen launchers” from .22 to 12 Ga and a few (12 +/-)

Pictures of this device appeared on the Forum previously, on the thread “.12 caliber Colt ammo???” dated Wednesday, July 11th, 2007. There was no information forthcoming except that to one member, the label did not appear to be a factory effort.

I know nothing about this device or its cartridge, but on the prvious thread on this, the device’s “business end” is shown and the caliber appears to be much larger than .12 in proportion to the size of the pen gun. I realize that is hard to tell from a picture, but I invite people to look at the pictures posted on the previous thread and decide for themselves. … ight=#3369

I was told it was a protype weapon made by colt for the CIA and fired a sabot type round.

It is marked COLT.

1 was sold at a auction about 6 months ago and I have seen 1 other…same box,label etc…