Colt's Army Pistol

What I have here is it original and is it scarce ?

From research, Hazard Powder Co.
Was founded in 1835, and had a massive explosion in 1906.
The printing looks correct forthe 1860s, and the paper is waxed.
PRESSED refers to the .44 Powder charge being in a pressed pellet form, before being made up with a linen/ gut/paper covering.
COLT ARMY refers to the Colt 1860 .44 cal revolver, in wide use by Union Forces.
Without opening the packet, and examining contents, hard to verify.
Take it to you dentist, and have him X-ray it…leadbullets will show up easily.

Doc AV

The way this one is wrapped around the back is odd with all that wasted paper. In my rather limited experience with these packs, they are usually found with the wrapper neatly folded at the sides.

Colt cartridge packets have been reproduced for people to use in cased sets or display. Recent replicas using laser printers might be detected by microscopic examination of the printing, but photo type labels may be harder.
I agree that the large overlap of the paper looks odd, but I am far from expert on these.
Dean Thomas’ books would be the place to check for more info.

today I was by my dentist and he made a x-ray

they look correct

The paper wrap is also correct for this package and manufacturer.

Contents (.36 caliber):

Anyone have any idea what the value ???