Combat Ear Plugs


Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with the 3-M CAEv-2 ear plug used by soldiers in the mid east?


Hi Tom,

just found this and similar…





They were standard issue to us for pre-deployment and deployment to the Middle East back in 07-08. I always considered them to be crap and bought my own foam ear plugs. The 3M never seemed to block out the sounds of anything and my ears would starting hurting after a while. VA gave me a rating for tinnitus.



Oh, that’s what they look like. I saw a lawyer on TV advertising a class-action lawsuit over them.


Pat, sorry to hear of your disability. If you need any help dealing with the VA, the American Legion would be your first choice. I’m a 34 year member and our post has helped many service members steer through the government red tape. Your not forgotten! Tom Dokulil Apple Valley American Legion Post 1776 Minnesota



Thanks but I’m good. Am a member of VFW1695 in Brigham City, UT