Comfirm Color Codes on Spanish 7.92mm


I have two 7.92mm cartridges both made in Spain. They are both from the Sevilla Arsenal. The “S” is really difficult to read due to a light strike and the other is “PS”.

The red tipped, red primer round was identified as “Army Tracer” and the green tipped, green primer round was identified as a “Navy Tracer”.

Can anyone confirm or correct this color code IDs?

Thanks for any information.


Firstly, the red and green primer seals can be found on ordinary ball rounds.
However, with the red and green tips, it is best that I simply quote the comprehensive book on Spanish Ammunition, "Cartucheria Espa


Thank you so much for the information once again. Page 695? “Cartucheria Espanola” must be the dictionary of Spanish ammunition.

I weighed my cartridges as you suggested. The red tipped one is 24.98 grams and the green tipped one is 25.31 grams. Therefore, based on the weights they are closer to the weight for the tracer rounds.

The Spanish system slightly reminds me of the Japanese system of color coding. It’s too bad there isn’t a comprehensive work on color coding for all the various systems used around the world. There is certainly enough expert knowledge on this forum to do so. However, the knowledge seems to be compartmentalized based upon the various collectors’ specialties. It would be interesting if some of the specialists, such as yourself, would collaborate on a multiple contributing author-type of book to consolidate as many of the color codes as possible much like the headstamp listing. Maybe there is such a work and I just don’t know of it.

Thank you for your assistance once again.


Heavyiron–There is a compilation of color codes as you asked about:

Scranton, Eugene. 1990. Small Arms Ammunition Identification Codes, Part 1-14 and Supplement 1. Chestnut Hill. 580p.

Thank you Ron.

If anybody knows where I can buy a copy, please send me a PM.

I looked on Amazon and Google and couldn’t find a copy to be purchased.


Copies of that work are very hard to find. It is an incomplete work as well. About one-third of the way through (it was issued in parts), the project was terminated.

Heavyron, I