Commemorative AECC-ECRA 7,92x33 kurz dummy

I want to share with all the pictures of the commemorative cartridge of the meeting of the AECC (Spanish group of ECRA) that has been delivered to collectors who participated in the meeting held on October 20 in Castellón.
An exact replica of the German 7.92 x 33 Kurz instruction cartridge, built according to the measurements of the original plane and manufactured by José Miguel Sánchez,IMG_2333
kurtz_2 kurtz_h


Ximo, la palabra “corto” es “kurz”

Thanks sksvlad for the correction.

Is it possible to obtain one? (Hey, this is Belgium, a dummy is just a small postal parcel!)


To get any of the specimens that were left over at the meeting, contact José Miguel at the following address:

Muchas gracias!

very nice item. like the markings.

It is! Received one last week. Very neat contact with the maker of it.