Commemorative cartridge?

Here is a 10.5 x 72 cartridge (.413 x 2.834)

Hstp is SCI 416 84 Simba-M Bogo

I think it is a 416 rigby magnum despite the fact the case length is a little too short (72 instead of 73.6) (2.834 instead of 2.9)
Could you confirm ??

Is it a commemorative cartridge ??


I have one of these also and I was told it was handed out at the SCI (Safari Club International) show in '84. That’s all I know of it.

See this for some information: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=15550


Is it scarce ? value ?


When I was the ICCA (International Cartridge Collectors Association, earlier name of the IAA) special projects manager, I did a project in 1983 to have an ICCA commemorative cartridge, with enough made so that each ICCA member could have one. I wanted a dummy so it could be more easily shipped and a caliber large enough to have room on its head for a nice headstamp. Jim Bell, owner of Brass Extrusion Laboratories, Ltd. (B.E.L.L.) in Bensenville, IL (a suburb of Chicago out by O’Hare airport) made these. The headstamp is ICCA 1983 416 (bell symbol) RIGBY and the dummy cartridge has a nickel-plated primer cup. As I recall, we sold them to members who wanted one for $7.50. I think I remember Jim mentioning that the commemorative cartridge was a good idea and that he might make some for SCI and/or other organizations to promote B.E.L.L. large caliber ammunition since his .416 Rigby line was up and operating.

JP, I just took one out of its sealed plastic bag and carefully measured the case length at 73.75mm.

The next year, I did the dummy 5.56mm folded cartridge set with ICCA 5.56 USA 1984 headstamp, but that’s another story.

thank you very much