Comments from our friends in the UK?


This was in the US news yesterday. Will anyone be allowed to attend the shooting competitions? Following the same Johnsonian logic, the answer would seem to be no.

London is giving 125,000 lucky schoolchildren tickets for any event at the 2012 Olympics – except those involving guns.

City officials and organizers of the London 2012 Olympics, fearing a backlash from anti-gun lobbyists, will exclude the 15 shooting events from Mayor Boris Johnson’s Ticketshare giveaway, the Evening Standard reports.

“We decided it would not be appropriate,” a source told the Evening Standard. “It’s the only sport children will not be able to go to as part of the Ticketshare scheme.”

The ban is said to be influenced by Johnson’s recent attempts to quell teenage gun and knife crimes, the Evening Standard reports.

But the restriction on youths has angered many in the British shooting community, including Olympics competitors.

“This is a chance for children to look at guns in a different way,” Commonwealth Games bronze medalist and Olympic pistol hopeful Georgina “Gorgs” Geikie told the Evening Standard. “How do we educate people that it is a sport if they cannot watch it?”

And David Penn, secretary of the British Shooting Sports Council, disputed any connection between the shooting competitions and crime.

“It’s like saying that a thief would use a Formula One car as a getaway car,” he said.


Well it’s a good thing those kids wont be exposed to the violent nature of all those .22 Anschutz-style target weapons they might see there. Those weapons just beg to be used in a hold-up or home invasion. Roll eyes… In terms of exposing the kids to any kind of vice, I would wager that more violence (however uncommon at the Olympics) in terms of fights, and crowd disorderliness are apt to break out at almost any other event than shooting. If there are souvenir .22 bullet keychains for sale at any of the kiosks, will the kids be able to buy them? Have there ever been any Olympic souvenir bullet keychains (or anything cartridge-related) associated with the target shooting events?


Will they be able to attend the archery, javelin, shot, discus, or fencing events? How about the Steeple Chase? Wasn’t that a cavalry-inspired event? How about boxing and wrestling? Pure foolishness.


Would certainly be interesting to know how the Duke of Wellington, Lord Nelson, and Kitchener would have reacted to this news. Hard to believe the same British empire that once ruled most of the world by force of arms now won’t even allow kids to see guns. What happened?


This does not surprise me at all. Just the same as the moves to erase every trace of the historic Gun Quarter from the city of Birmingham.

For the members not familiar with the UK, This sort of extreme political correctness is present everywhere in today’s UK society. This is not just concerning guns, but in absolutely everything you can think of. There really is no way of getting away from it.

DennisK - The way I see it is, what happened is that the drugged out Hippie generation and their children are now in positions of power and influence.


What a shame. IN fact, in the original Greek Olumpics, virtually every sport was a warrior’s skill - running, jumping, throwing, archery, etc. Of course, the Olympics themselves, called the New Olympics by some, have been perverted in the last Century and this. They were all amateur competitors at one time; now they are pretty much all profession, EXCEPT perhaps the shooters. Aside from Track and Field, and possibly swimming and equestrian, the shooting events are the purest Olympic events, being based on a warriors skills. The original Biathalon was shot with service-type rifles in mostly military calibers. The rifles may have been tuned, and had better sights, but the were forms of the Service Rifle. I recall the Finns used to do quite well with a form of the Mosin-Nagant three-line rifle.

Isn’t it funny that the allies fought against totalitarian government in WWII, sacrificing lives and treasure almost beyond comprehension, and now we are becoming what we fought wo hard to defeat. Lord, I’m glad I am old!


The Mayors office has relented a bit:

  • What about the old British weapons like the Brown Bess, the Brunswick rifle or the Enfield P1853, are they on the black list too ??? These weapons are part of the British history and the great contribution England had in the weapons development just cannot be forgotten. What about the weapons from the Imperial War Museum (London), do they go directly to garbage ??? Liviu 09/01/11 P.S. There must be something very wrong today in UK !!!


I just hope they don’t go after inert cases and projectiles. There is no tangible reason to do that, but it’s the logical conclusion to everything else that has been done so far. Fingers-crossed.


The attitude is getting more prevalent throughout society, either on the east or west side of the pond. A friend of my wife has a boy in school, about 10, who was asked what he wanted to be when he got older. The lad responded that he wanted to be a Marine, just like his dad. The teacher, a male(and I use the term loosely), responded, “Oh, you want to be a bullet catcher?”. The parents were not amused, and since they are stationed abroad, will be discussing the cretins misgivings with the superintendent of the DOD School System that the boy attends.
I was on a job doing clean-up and pulling survey stakes near a school. A class of young students (1st or 2nd grade) came near where I was. The teacher was admonishing the youngsters not to pick up sticks. I playfully suggested to the teacher that I had a whole bunch of sticks they could have, and her quavering reply was, “Oh, no, those could be weapons!” Again, this was a DOD School on a military base. I was so aghast that I could not give a civil reply, though my mind is full of expletives!! The song goes, “It’s the end of the world as we know it”, and I don’t feel fine. Cheers, Bruce.


There is a lot of stuff about the “antis” on the less restrained British shooting forums. You may be forgiven for believing they are just soft and nieve do gooders but thats not entirely true. There are hard line political and social engineering aspirations at play here with these people and the rest of the causes they support.

The current mayor Boris is right wing but his predessor was from the hard left and embedded many of his political cronies into postions of power from which they are hard to remove because they were given gold plated contracts. So most of the time the mayor is fighting his own people who are stabbing him in the back.

The shooting at the olympics is all taking place on purpose built facilities in Woolwich which will be destroyed afterwards. This is despite having world class facilities twenty miles down the road at Bisley. Right from the start they refused to even discuss Bisley as a possibility. We are the enemy. So now we won’t be helping run it. The NRA has all the expertise, teams of trained officials, RCOs all the infrastructure needed to do something we do regularly but they have decided to ignore us. In fact worse than that they have rudely snubbed us . So they can go whistle.


Actually, since posting my previous post this morning I have been mulling it over in my mind. Up till now I have just read the reports elsewhere and shrugged my shoulders. Now I am starting to get mad. Last I heard the chairman of (our) NRA had not even been invited as a guest! Its a total insult. We have the facilities and the expertise. The people running the Olympics are allegedly going to import people from abroad to run the shooting. It won’t be televised, you can bet on that. I am a qualified RCO, TonyE probably is as well. Maybe others on here, why behave like this? Its all very strange.Political comes to mind. I have a blazer and a tie (and a Panama hat*), I would like to have told my grandchildren I was there but it seems I won’t get that option.

*For those that don’t get it, thats how officials dress at big shooting events meaning I have been there before and done it.