Commercial 7.62x39 subsonic by Barnaul

Barnaul recently came up with commercial 7.62x39 subsonic loads.

Did any of these show up in the US already?


I did an internet search and could not find any listing for the subsonic loading.


Brian, thanks. Let’s see when the first ones will show up.

These are the images that showed up in Russian forums:

:-) Guess who asked for them?

Funny: 20 cartridges for civilian rifles…
Can someone translate the Russian version, has it really the same meaning?

The meaning is “for civilian rifled weapons”. As in rifles or as in guns with rifled barrels as opposed to smoothbore…?

Для гражданского нарезного оружия


Asked a Russian friend of mine and according to them the intended meaning of the Russian text would be “For civilian small arms with rifled bores”. Long way of saying “for civilian rifles”…


Link to GUNS.RU forum discussion concerning the Barnaul 7.62x39mm subsonic:

Use this webpage link to translate the discussion using Google Translator.

Interesting movie in the link, thanks Brian

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Thanks fors sharing. Looks like their equivalent to .300 Blackout, but without the possibility of firing a .300 cartridge in a 5.56 mm weapon.

Barnaul 7.62x39mm Subsonic is now available in Russia.

Photos and information posted by “Jagdterier” on 4/22/2019:


Pulled bullet, weight 12.6 gm (powder weight = 0.8 gm)


I wonder if the Barnaul 7.62x39mm subsonic will cycle in a AR or AK platform ?
I just got in some Atomic brand 7.62x39 made in USA with Starline Brass cases and loaded 220 grain Sierra MatchKing to 1050 FSP. But pricy at a little over $1.00 a cartridge in 50 cartridge boxes…
Best of all, the box reads for “Tactical Cycling” will hopefully test soon at the range on an AK-47 and an AR-15…

If the bullet is .308 caliber, then none of this will enter.

7.62x39 is .311" vs .308" ?
Unless your talking chamber length issues and the cartridge is within 7.62x39mm O.A.L., so I don’t see any issues, but the ranch test should tell .

Shooting .308 down a .311 bore will lead to less than desirable rifling engagement and gas sealing.
Probably especially important in a semi auto.
Then again, most US shooters measure accuracy in “minute of dinner plate on 25 yards”, so YMMV…


Yes, maybe an issue if it is .308 with the cycling and accuracy , I’ll check the diameter, box reads 7.62x39 ? so maybe 7.62mm and not .308 ?
Let you know and will range test hopefully by Wed. 05/01/19 ?

7,62 mm is metric nominal bore dimensions. Keep in mind that European cartridge designations often name the bore Ø rather than bullet Ø.
.300" is 7,62 mm
.308" is 7,82 mm
.312" is 7,92 mm

Most if not all Western .30/7,62 cartridges fire bullets that are 7,82 mm/.308" through a bore with 7,62 mm lands and 7,82 mm grooves, while 7,62x39 and x54R fire a .312/7,92 bullet through a bore with 7,62 mm lands and 7,92 mm grooves.

Notice the 0,10 mm (~.003") difference in bullet and bore Ø.


Tennents 7.62
Interesting info, in USA reloading I am seeing 7.62 mm as .311 " for the bullet, does get a bit confusing . is a 7.62 chamber .300" ??? and not .311" ?
I did just find a reloader, in the USA , looks like he is pulling the bulllets out of the Russian steel cases and loading them in sub-sonic.