Sorry to hear about you Americans General Lee Statute .No mater what your views on him are pulling down his statute and cutting it up wont help .To me [ and i’m not the only one] who thinks there’s no difference between this act and ISIS blowing up the Buddhas of Bamiyan .It’s such a shame when these acts of vandalism happen to ones history and it makes me angry.
Sorry I know it’s not a pollical forum but I felt it was appropriate to vent on a site that values it’s history


You can’t go back and change history.

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No but you can make it less visible & so for those who are young to make it invisible & forgettable. which is the goal.

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.


To get back on the ammunition subject, we need to remember that we disgruntled colonials pulled down a statue of King George in New York, which was reportedly made of lead, not bronze, and the lead was recycled into musket balls.

Was that an early case of environmental activism forcing recycling? Probably not.

But, yes, the Taliban analogy seems appropriate. History is history, and those who seek to erase it (good or bad) are doing a disservice to humanity.


Actually, I think many folks need to read history. Very few statues were placed before the 1900’s of civil war confederates. Gen Lee himself said that statues of him would be inappropriate.
While Hundreds of statues were placed to placate white folks in the southern states and to rile up whites against blacks (facts not hyperbole). Statues were put up to make southerners feel good about themselves and them losing the war, anyone see statues of losing commanders placed in germany in 1946?
S Korea?
Vietnam - yes there are, because we pulled out.

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