Common 9x18 boxes

Picked up some more shooting 9x18 today, What I was surprised to see was the Hornady Loading. Didn’t even know they loaded that.

May be interesting to note that in Italy Fiocchi loads this cartridge in the “old time” line, with grey boxes for uncommon or obsolete calibers, while in the USA they load it in the standard line. This means that the 9 mm Makarov is far more used there than in Italy

Pivi - can you post a picture(s) of one of the grey Fiocchi 9 mm Makarov boxes? I have not seen
that box. This caliber in boxes offers a much larger variety that some think - I have just under 250 9 x 18 boxes in my own collection, and there are many I do not have.

If anyone has a Hornady box with a “Low Flash” marking on the top, I badly need a picture of it. Just the top showing that marking will be sufficient, but it should be a sharply focused, high resolution photo. I would gladly buy such a box - full or empty or partially full only - if someone has one to sell.

John, I didn’t find a picture of the Makarov box but, since it is loaded in the “OLD TIME” line, it has the same grey box that can be seen clicking on this link

Obviously it differs for the caliber name on the top. I have the same box for the 7.65 mm Parabellum for you