Comparison of three (inert) Rook cartridges. (Edit: .300/250 and Eley .320/230 {.320/230-7-38})

           Left to Right
Base .322 .316 .318
Rim .370 .370 .371
Bullet Diam. .250 .220 .298

Only the .30 UMC has a headstamp.
Left hand side cartridge is a: .300/.250

I have compared them to the .297 Morris and the cartridge base and rim, of the above, are significantly larger.

Is the cartridge in the centre a necked down .300 Rook and are there any references to this calibre?

Any thoughts, or comments, would be much appreciated.


Hi Sam,

The example in the middle is a .320/230 (.320/230-7-38) for rook rifles made by Eley.



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Hi Fede,
I’ve been searching under the wrong heading!

Many thanks indeed for your help…greatly appreciated.

I’ve now found it in: Eley Cartridges by C.W.Harding, Appendix E, listed from 1892-1905.