Compendium of RWS & Geco Catalogs-Auto Pistol-Pre WWII

This grew out of a topic with a much smaller initial aim. Response seemed good so I decided to make it a separate topic.

This is intended to grow into a Compendium of the Autopistol information in pre-WWII Geco and RWS catalogs. I have found these excellent sources of information, but constantly frustrating because I am missing so many of them.
I have begun with the Catalogs I have or at least have copies of sections of them

The hope is that others will post or sent to me to post the Autopistol information from the missing catalogs. This is a massive effort. Below is a graphic illustrating the covers of some of the known Catalogs put together from multiple sources by an IAA member. Much of it is based on material from

As I receive the images of other catalogs or more posts are entered below, I will update an index on this topic. I will try to create and periodically update a PDF of the Compendium and, if successful, I will periodically upload it below the index.

This Topic is organized into four sections.

Post 1: This section will have the Introduction, Index to and images of the Geco catalog material.
Post 2: Will contain the RWS catalogs.
Post 3: Will be a set of dated comments on things relative to this Topic
Post 4: Will contain other material on these two companies that may be of interest but are not actually catalogs

I originally thought I would include an updated pdf showing the material submitted in order, but could not figure out how to do that. So I have reorganized this topic so your can download it, or whatever part you want as a pdf.

Please upload or email me your pages related to Autopistol cartridges, Ideally including the front page of the Catalog. If you have better copies of some of the catalogs already posted or additional, relevant material from one of these, please add them also.

This is a community project that can give all of us a very useful reference document. It will be interesting to see how well it is supported and works out.

Index of Catalogs:

Geco Catalogs -Autopistol Pages
1904-1906 Badische Munitions-Fabrik, Durlach-Bought by GG&Co and origin of GG&Co and Geco
1930 Export
1933 Export
1934 Export
1935 Export
1936 Export
1937 Export
1939 Export
Reportedly these catalogs go back to 1908 so there are a LOT missing!!!

RWS Catalogs-Autopistol Pages
1926 Export
1928 Export
1933 Export
1935 Export
1937 Export - Autopistol section identical in German 1938 and 1939 Catalogs
1939 Export-In English

Badische Munitions-Fabrik 1904-1906
Early GG&C0 box showing Formally Badische Munitions-Fabrik
1904-06-GG&C-Bad box

Geco 1930 Export-Lew

Geco 1933 Export-Lew & Rolf Foerster

Geco 1934 Export-John Moss & Vidar

Geco 1935 Export-KH

Geco 1936 Export-John Moss &LC

Geco 1937 Export-LC

Geco 1939 Export-LC & Rolf Foerster

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RWS Catalogs

RWS Catalogs-Autopistol Pages
1926 Export
1928 Export
1933 Export
1935 Export
1937 Export - Autopistol section identical in German 1938 and 1939 Catalogs
1939 Export-In English

RWS 1926 Export
Received this catalog. It is significant because it does not list a single RWS autopistol cartridge. This may be because of the evolving plan to transfer autopistol cartridge production to Geco, or perhaps, though unlikely, that RWS had already gotten out of the Autopistol ammunition business some years before. I think this is very unlikely since they produced 9mm P08 ammunition for the military during WWI.

RWS 1928 Export-Lew

RWS 1933 Export-Lew

RWS 1935 Export-Vidar & Lew

RWS 1937 Export-Lew
R-1937 image

RWS 1939 Export-In English-Lew

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8 Sep 2020:
I have rearranged this material so that the Geco catalogs are arranged in date order in the first Post and RWS catalogs are in the Second Post. I will use this Post for updated information I have added a 4th message I can use to add other interesting material that is relevant but are not actually catalogs.

Other Material

Geco Sinoxid & Oeldicht 7.65mm Borchure in Portuguese (1934-35???)-John Moss

Geco Sinoxid & Oeldicht Extract from 1939 Catalog-Rolf Foerster

Bottom paragraph seems to say that Sinoxid and Oeldicht will always be applied togethre on Geco ammunition.

Google Translation:
“which can be recognized by the seal at the points marked by arrows, by the “Oeldicht” imprint on the packaging and by the Sinoxid trademark.”