Component boxes


I was given an old Lovell .22 sisk bullet box which was open and has some bullets in it. The box is not prime, but not bad. I was wondering if the bullets really matter to keep in the box or not, since it is opened and only about 1/3 full. We reload .218 bee and could make use of the bullets.

The only boxes I’ve found on the web are either fully loaded and sealed or empty.


Bomar97–If it was me, I would keep 2 or 3 of the bullets in the box to show what it had contained, and then use the rest. Unless the filled box is important to you, 2 or 3 are no different than 25-30. If it had been full, even opened, I would say keep it full. A partial box is a partial box, no matter how many. On the other hand, if you hoped to one day fill the box, the bullets should not be that difficult to find to fill out your box.


The problem with filling a partial box of cartridges or components is that you can not be sure, unless the filler cartridges also come from a box, what lot number you are putting in the box. In the case of ammunition, especially commercial, a cartridge you put into a box to fill it could even have a completely different charge of powder, both weight and type. What is learned from doing that? Nothing, and it possibly muddies the water for future researchers. It is like putting the wrong bullet or primer in a case just so one has a “loaded” round instead of an empty case.

Just my opinion.


These are not ammunition ready to shoot… these are only the bullets … reloading components.


As a collector of Sisk boxes, I go along with Ron. Keep a few in the box if they match the box specs. If they don’t you might as well shoot them all. Sisk was one of the early bullet makers for 22 wildcatters and are an interesting bunch.