Computer problems?


Recently, I note that many of the answers to topics are not fully contained within the computer screen. That is, you have to use the pointer signs to move the text over to read a full line. While annoying, I suppose it can be lived with.

However, today, on my own computer, when I go to respond to a question or a thread, the heading for the response page is now to the left side of the block that you type your response in, and not above it. The space for typing a response goes on and on off the screen for enough space that one typed line would equal two or three ones normally. I even have to scroll way over to see the submit symbol below the typing block. Very annoying. Is this something in my own computer, or has anyone else had it happen to them.

Oddly, the “New Thread” page that I am now typing this on is completely normal, with most of the little “choice” blocks being above this typing area, where they have always been.

John Moss


Some corrections to what I said. The little blocks that give you various chices - Bold, Italics, etc., ARE above the typing area, but the entire area is off ot the right side of the screen nad extended way beeyond as I described.

Furthermore, while it occured when I was going to thank Ron for posting pictures of the “Moustache” headstamp, and still does on that thread, I went to another thread and the reply page was perfectly normal. Why is it different on one thread than another?

John Moss



I think that might be due to a large single image in a thread being larger than your screen. In the thread you mention, there are pictures that are about the size of Kansas…



Concur. I’ve experienced that effect on other forums.


Thanks guys. Thank you for your email, too, Ron M. I simply won’t worry about it. I think I understand what you guys are telling me, and I guess it isn’t even worth worrying about. I am not having any other computer problems either on this Forum, or anything else I do on the computer. Please pardon a very backward, ignorant and stubborn old man.

John Moss