Concorde ammo

Does this importer still exist? The box has “Made in Hungary” printed inside. Can anyone date this box (approximately)?

I think Kassnar was importing Hungarian FEG-made HiPower pistols in the 1990s. The company still exists, importing various weapons under the Charles Daly brand name. Hope that helps a bit.

I don’t remember when I attended a SHOT Show in Atlanta, Georgia, but after the show, we went out to a small town nearby that had a gunshop with an indoor range where you could rent SMGs and shoot them there. I didn’t care to bother, but one of the guys had his son with him and so we went so he could shoot some of them. I got there a box of 9mm (actually, the empty box and one round that my friend saved me - he shot up the rest) of Concorde Brand 9mm Para ammo. It too, was made for KASSNAR. I think it was the mid-1980s. If anyone with a better memory than I, or a better library of the Shot show directories, it was the year that they had a little cartridge show just outside of Atlanta, maybe in the same town as the Gun Shop was in. They might be able to pin it down closer. My notes show most of the 9mm Para rounds I have with that headstamp, “SB 9mm-LUGER” as coming to me in the mid-1980s. However, I have a SHOT Show directory from a show in Atlanta from 1999. I know it wasn’t that show though, because that was only a couple of year’s before we closed the store, and it was years before that that I went to an Atlanta SHOT Show.

The 9mm Para rounds were made by Arms Coproration of the Philippines using their “Squires Bingham” SB headstamp, so the brand is not Hungarian, but rather probably a brand name owned by Kassnar. Kassnar had such close relations with Hungarian firms that the FEG pistols he sold had model designations, factory stamped, that were actually the initials of members of his family.

So, I am not saying the shotshells are not Hungarian, they certainly are.
I would assume that they would have been made sometime fairly contemporary to my 9mm rounds, so if someone can come up with the years that the SHOT Show was held in Atlanta, or remembers that cartridge show after, we can pin it down better. Dave Andrews and Randy Elzea were both at that cartridge show, and I seem to recall that Bill Woodin was also.
Anyone else remember it. George Kass was there, maybe I should call him.

Hope this is of some help and interest. In this case, the personal ramblings by the old fat guy were necessary to try to date this thing.

John–It would have been about 1985 or so. George Kass and I sold Concord brand ammunition when we had Forensic Ammunition Service together from 1981-1988. If I could find my file copy of our newsletters (doubtful) I could pin it down to the month Kassnar started importing that brand name.

I have a Concord box of 9mmP headstamped P * 9mm * that I got in the mid-1980s.

Ron and Lew - firstly, the name is Concorde with a “e” on the end. I hasten to mention that not to act like a smart a–, but so that we won’t get confusion with “Concord Reloads.”

Thanks for the information. Your memories, in both cases, pretty much square with mine and my very general notes on when I started seeing the SB headstamp around from Squires Bingham (Arms Corporation of the Philippines).

It is not surprising to hear that Hungarian-made 9mm also appeared in Concorde boxes. I already mentioned the strong business ties Kassnar had in Hungary.

I have a hunch, though, that talk of “Kassnar importing that brand name” might not be technically correct. I don’t think the brand name has anything much to do with the Hungarian origin of Lew’s 9mm and Vlad’s shotgun shells, considering that my box was filled with Filipino ammunition. I suspect that it was Kassnar’s brand name. Otherwise, I would think that the ammunition would all have been headstamped “Concorde” or something to that effect. You have to box ammunition anyway, and its a lot cheaper, I think, or was then, to do new box art and printing than set up a line with a new headstamp for a contract run, especially if that was not required or requested by the buyer. I can’t even think of all the ammunition boxes I have that are proprietary, but had the manufacturer’s own headstamp on the ammo itself.

George Kass confirmed my memories. The SHOT Show after which I got that Concorde box was in 1985,so it couldn’t get any closer than the “mid-1980s” that I mentioned and remembered. Confirms precisely what Ron and Lew said also.

Kassnar probably started with Concorde ammunition a little earlier than that, because it was already in gun shops in Georgia in quantity in 9mm. I suspect that the Hungarian ammo came a little later than the Philippine, because the son’s business, KBI, Inc., really tapped the Hungarian connection and it was he that had the F