Condemned .303

This is a 20-round sealed box of WWI surplus .303 cartridges with mixed headstamps that were purchased privately and converted to soft-point by cutting off the bullet tips, exposing the lead core. The ammunition was condemned by the Canadian government due to jacket separations in the bore. The lead core was exposed on both ends and squirted out. The box is full and sealed with imitation Dominion striped label. Apparently, the box is “very scarce.” I wouldn’t know.

It is currently (Monday 9 Feb, 3 pm) offered for sale at, “New Arrivals Today,” item 22942 for $245 USD. The listing also shows box end labels and back.

Howdy Mel
Very hard to find sealed as the labels are very thin (read cheap) & open quite easily. Like a lot of things it was common 25 years ago, mostly seen at east coast shows (by me). Think I paid about $10 - $15 for mine. The rounds are relatively still common.

Don’t know about $245, seems more than a bit steep to me, but who knows?

As I’ve got mine priced at $235 (JUST KIDDING)

Hi Mel.

With the Canadian Dollar sinking like a stone, we had to do something to help our balance of payments…

Pete’s right, what was once common is now very scarce (rare even?). I use to see these at every gun show up here (Canada) cheap. Guess that was 30 years ago. Now I never see them. We had one in the St. Louis Auction a couple of years back and I was gob struck that it brought over $100 (US, not Canadian!). I know the consignor was happy.

I find it interesting to watch the market flooded with a certain round or box for a couple of years. Then they start to disappear into collections. Then you don’t see them again. When you do see them, the price is rediculous compared to previous sales. On the other hand, try to find one at that point. Not so easy unless you have a fist full of dollars.


Did Dominion ever sue those people for that label? I would think they could make a pretty good case in court.