Confederate small arms ammunition


Dean Thomas’s new book has been published and is available. I don’t tell you this because I am selling it but because it is the most important book ever written on the subject of Confederate small arms ammunition production and use. I suggest IAA members and other FORUM participants buy their copy directly from Dean.

If you already have any of the 3 volumes in his “ROUND BALL TO RIMFIRE” series you can skip the next part because you already know this.

Dean Thomas is the finest scholarly author who writes about ammunition of the period. He researches with a passion for historical accuracy and a collector’s eye.

Every collector of ammuniton of the Civil War and earlier period of US history needs his books.

I don’t collect this period but I buy his books to be able to know what I see and what I am talking about.

I don’t sell many printed books. Of the 1000+ titles in CSAEOD ARCHIVES offerings only 3 are printed books. All the rest are CDBs. These are books and manuals scanned and digitized on CD.

This is one book which I am offering to my buyers as a service to them. I would rather sell CDs BUT this book is IMPORTANT !

It is only available in print form.

The current volume shows illustrations of hundreds of types of projectiles and various cartridges manufactured and used by the Confederacy as well as imported ammunition and percussion caps.

312 pages ,finest quality , hardbound with hundreds of illustrations.

This book is a must for collectors who want to be educated about US Civil War ammunition.