Confirm ID for 7.9 Blanks


These cartridges were recently acquired.

The FNM headstamp is tentatively identified as Fabrica Nacional de Municones de Armas Ligeiras, Chelas, Portugal. It is a red wood blank.

The T headstamp is tentatively identified as Empresa Nacional Santa Barbara de Industrias Militares, SA Toledo, Spain. I do not know if this one is a blank or a grenade blank.

Could someone please confirm or correct my IDs and let me know if the T headstamped cartridge round is a blank or a grenade blank?

Thank you for looking and any information.


Your “FNM” blank is a typical Portuguese blank round, with a red wood bullet closely patterned after the Platzpatrone 33 bullet used in pre-1946 German blanks of this same 7.9 x 57mm cartridge type.

Your Spanish blank is a normal “Cartucho de Fogueo,” that is, a noise-producing blank. Whether or not it also had a grenade-launching function, I don’t know. The round is covered in "Cartucheria Espa

Thank you John.


Not mine, uploaded from a very interesting web for you all.

It seems from the website that the Spanish cartridge in question is used as either a blank (Cartucho de Salva, Cartucho de Fogueo) or a launching cartridge (Cartucho de Proyecci

John, your spanish is superb, the problem is that it is not exactly especified. As written I understand it is for both purposes, could it be? What could be the difference between being just launcher or just blank?, perhaps there is no difference in design or powder.

44RM - Thank you for your kind comments about my Spanish. I can read more than I can write, write more than I can speak, and speak more than I can understand. My grammar is poor, consisting mainly of the present tense, but I can usually make myself understood. Understanding is a bit more of a problem, since I cannot choose the words used by the fluent speaker in reply to me. My vocabulary is mediocre in the extreme, as my Spanish is all self-taught.

About the blanks, I am almost ashamed to admit that after studying ammunition most of my adult life, I cannot answer as to the suitability of using a launcher cartridge as just a noise-producing blank. I have fired grenade blanks in .30-06, both with rifle grenades in tha Army, and with no grenades or grenade-launching attachment on my own, just for the fun of trying it. I can tell you they make a perfectly good “bang” and I can’t see why they can’t or shouldn’t be used as blanks with the same cautions one uses with any blank.

I can, of course, understand why blanks produced solely for the purpose of making a noise shouldn’t be used arbitrarily to launch grenades. They may not produce the correct pressures, or may have a “projectile” of some type that if shot in the back of a grenade could produce catastrophic results for the shooter. Of course, I don’t know exactly what the effects would be, because that is one “fun” thing I have never attempted with a rifle!

Most of my collecting life and study has been devoted to the self-loading pistol and its ammunition. I will prove my ignorance now and tell you that I don’t even know why, in my secondary field of 7.9 x 57mm, it was necessary for (especially) the Germans to make so many different types of grenade launching cartridges to lunch various types of grenades. There was a reason of course, I simply don’t know what it is. I have never read an explanation of any of these questions, as it seems to be taken for granted that everyone knows this information. I don’t. By the way, I am extremely opinionated, as everyone knows, but I am never afraid to say “I don’t know.”

Again, RM, thanks for your nice words about my Spanish. I try hard not to totally destroy the various beautiful languages that my dear friends in other countries speak. Sometimes I fail, unfortunately, and make them wince with my usage. I wish that I had had more sense in school, and instead of loathing foreign languages as a subject, had majored in them. I stand in awe of so many of you on this Forum that speak many languages with great fluency.

The explanation is german mind, so perfect for everything they make… It is not the same a granade of x Grams than another of x +1 grams. Germans are and always were excellent producers, anything they produce is excellent, but this is one of the reasons why they did not win (Thanks God) the war, logistic.

Sure your spanish is better than my french, I married an adorable french woman 10 years ago and travel frecuently to France, and I just read a little and asking constantly my wife what every word means. Spanish verbs must to be hated for english speaking people, are so complicated …

Greetings to all. This is my first post in the forum, and first to all, I’d like to say I’m a bit afraid talking in a forum with members with this level of knowledge about cartridges, specially when it comes Spanish made ones. So I hope these notes could be of help!

About the Spanish 7.92 mm blank cartridge, the “Lanza Catalog” only lists 9 FMJ, 1 tracer, 2 armor piercing, 12 sporting, 15 blanks, 7 training, and 6 specials (1 explosive, one inside lubber, 3 anti riot 1 unknown) made in Spanish factories.

Reading info listed at, they say " cartucho de proyecci

Javier–Welcome to the forum. Do not be concerned with your level of knowledge. We have all been beginners at one time. Besides, based on your answer, I hardly think you are a beginner!!!