Confirm Identity of 7.92 Dummy Ex.Patr.88 n.A


Here are photos of the 7.92 dummy.

The OAL of the cartridge is 3.154 inches, there are six flutes in the case which measure about 1.185 inches, and the the cartridge weighs 189.6 grains. The dummy case does not take a magnet so it is brass construction.

My tentative ID is an Ex.patr.88 n.A. based on the weight, the hollow cavity for the firing pin, round nosed bullet profile, and the fluting. It is slightly shorter in length than it should be but this one has been used which may account for its slightly shorter longitudinal dimensions.

Can anyone confirm or correct my ID?

Thank you for any help.


From the bullet profile, I would say that this is not the Exerzierpatrone 88 neue Art (Dummy cartridge, Model 1888, new model). The bullet profile is wrong. It is the Exerzierpatrone S


Thank you for the correction and your help once again. The German dummy cartridges are giving me fits. I have several more but luckily they are of the plastic variety which narrows the list.

The S dot (I don’t know how to reproduce the dot symbol) is one possibility that I eliminated because I thought the above dummy was too light for the S dot as my understanding was the S dot was approximately 205 grains. Would this be due to manufacturing variations?

Would you mind posting a photo of three types together since I have nothing to compare ogive shapes and it would be a useful and interesting learning experience for me.

Thanks again.


PS. Is there anyway to tell when and who manufactured the dummy?

Weights vary quite a bit in these cartridges. My lightest type Ex.patr.S


Thank you very much for the informative and interesting information on this line of German military dummies.



You can find some pictures from the different cartridges on an topic placed on jul 7 2007 ( 7.92x57 ex patr ) on this forum.


Three German fluted “Exerzierpatronen.” From left to right they are:

Exerzierpatrone 88 neue Art (Ex.patr.88 n.A.)(Dummy Cartridge Model 1888 New Model) Exerzierpatrone 88 neue Art mit L

John wrote;

There is no way to tell who made your unheadstamped specimen. However, they were only made, in this form, by four makers that I know of: Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken A.-G., Karlsruhe, with either a “DWM K” headstamp or a “P28” coded headstamp; K

Thanks Dutch. Is the identifcation of the trademark with 3 dots in the shield, which you show and which I mentioned as an unknown maker, actually confirmed to be “AEG Berlin” and if so, what does “AEG” stand for? I saw this in books, but always with a question about whether or not the information was accurate, so I chose to show it as unknown.

I simply boo-boo’d forgetting “HN” since it is a steel cartridge case and mock projectile, rather than brass as the one under discussion. Culpa mea.

I did not know of the ones made at Ingolstadt. I had never seen one before. Wow! Good round!

Thanks for the addition. Hope you or someone can answer the question about AEG Berlin.


AEG stands for Allgemeine Elektricit

451 - thanks! As usual, I have learned a lot from this thread.