Confused - 22 LR Manufacturer


Enclosed see photos of 4 22 LR boxes with the same make of ammo. Yet unclear who manufactured them. Note the end of the boxes look the same but different color.

The white Percision box states made in the Phillipines.
The HSM just says Stevensville Montana.
The white and red BVAC boxes both say made in USA.

Anyone know about these?


In front of me I have a package under the name of Concorde. The cartridges also
have the T headstamp. The ammo is made by: Arms Corporation of the Philippines.
Manilla, Philippines. The ammo is pretty weak and in self-loading pistols you will have
a lot of problems. I works rather well for Free Pistol shooting, but in every box you
will have two to three misfires, which is rather annoying if you are shooting competitions.

We got it for free from a gun dealer once, because nobody was buying the stuff.



The headstamp is Armscor Phillipines. Many companies contracted Armscor to manufacture for them. Definitely not “Made in the USA”. Could have possibly been “loaded” in the USA but doubtful when ammunition is much cheaper to produce and assemble with cheaper labor in the Phillipines.