Confusing research area

ok, so I was trying to find the 9mm resource guide. And in Resource Center, I could see many things, but couldn’t get out? Goin home didn’t help, nor anything else?

Anyway, these cartridges were inside this nice 38 S&W box
But, what is the MM company?

9 MM = 9 millimeter

It is just 9mm and the date - well that is boring as hell

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Weimar; I can’t say what’s going on with the research area, but if you want to read all about these cartridges, go down a few topics to “Help Identifying 9mm in Vanilla Box of 64,” an be prepared to spend some time learning about these very interesting, not boring, rounds.

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Milsurp Canadian 9x19 in a Remington box.
Headstamp information from an old thread:

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This is great information - I take anything about the CIA or other services with a grain of salt, just because it seems like anything is possible, but it also seems if there is a mystery, then CIA, aliens, etc gets blamed.
Just some things are harder to wrap your head around.

Of course, that Remington .38 S&W caliber box has nothing at all to do with this ammunition. Someone had a lot of loose rounds, and that was a convenient box to stick them in.

John Moss

Well why not? I mean, the aliens did help build the pyramids, yea?