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I recently picked up a box of Connecticut Cartridge Company 300gr 45/90’s i have never heard of them and was not able to turn up anything on google. So i was wondering if anyone could weigh in on whether i made a good purchase or not. I bought the box for about $55. Im looking for some background on the company maybe a value on them so i know whether i paid too much. Any other interesting facts about them. I appreciate any info. The box is a full box, and the bullets have a head stamp of CCC on them. Other than that i dont know much about them. I apologize i am not aware of how to post the pictures on here so i posted a link to them. Thanks for the input. … %20Company

If you do a quick search here, you’ll turn up a little information that may answer some of your questions while waiting for our resident CCC expert to chime in. ;-)


Your photo’s

This is their earliest box style made only in 1962-63. The following year the company name changed to “Connecticut Cartridge Corporation”.

Hey thanks for posting my pics for me and thank you everyone for your information so far. If anyone else wants to chime in that would be helpful. Im still wondering if i got a good deal or not and also curious how rare they are?

Connecticut Cartridge Company or Corporation made both drawn and turned cases in many calibers (mostly obsolete), loaded and empty cases, and bullets. Jim Tillinghast was one of their reps.

I have their lists and find the 8mm Nambu listed. I have some cartridges in 8mm Nambu that look like their products but have not seen a headstamped version nor have I seen a box of their 8 Nambus. Has anyone seen either??

The Connecticut Cartridge Corp. planned a production of 8 mm Nambu cartridges by late 1963 and the first lot was made and tested during October-November 1964. It was planned to offer 40 rd boxes with cartridges loaded with a 100 gr. copper plated lead bullet but only unprimed empty unheadstamped cases were offered to the public at $7 per 100. Production was soon cancelled when CCC discontinued all other calibers to manufacture .30 Carbine ammunition.

Fede, I have not heard of a Connecticut Cartridge Corp. .30 Carbine. Do you know the headstamp they used, or of any packaging?


Dan - there is a “Connecticut Cartridge Company” headstamp on .30 Carbine, and you probably have it in your collection. Headstamp is CCC 30M1 82 and the packaging is a military-style 50 round box of buff cardboard (tan) with black print. Aside from other things, there is a statement that the cartridges are loaded to US Military Specification MIL-C-3369C and that the primer is non-mercuric and non-corrosive. I don’t know if that is true; in the case of the .45 ACP equivalent, with about the same headstamp, the box had the same advice. However, the ammunition was actually loaded with a primer that not only WAS corrosive, but also slightly mercuric. The U.S. Customs Laboratory at San Francisco tested the ammo for us as a favor, and because it was imported and had that statement on the box also, and discovered the truth. We asked for the test after selling some of it and have four or five customers with ruined barrels in their pistols.

The ammunition was, according to the box, imported by Connecticut Cartridge Company, 246 Old Post Road, Southport CT 06490. It was made by HHC Ltd., of Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. However, all of the ammo we got was from Pacific International Import-Export Co., of Sacramento, California.
We didn’t buy any of the .30 Carbine due to our experience with the .45, all of which remained, along with a bill for all the repairs we had to do, was returned to PIMCO.

I don’t know why CCC would drop plans to “manufacture” other calibers, since this ammunition was imported. Unless it was all financial, that makes no sense.

I have a fair to midland .30 Carbine collection - probably not as good as Dan’s or another friend, not certainly anywhere near the Woodin Lab collection, but I have never seen or heard of any other .30 Carbine round ascribed to CCC.

This is why I’m confused. If they were going to make 8mm Nambu in later 63 or 64, but it was canceled to make Carbine in 81 or 82, it took them long enough. And if CCC imported it from Taiwan, whould’nt we still call it Taiwan made? I assume the 30C 81 headstamp, would have the same maker, just not sure who it is! I would not think CCC made the cases, sent them to Taiwan, and then imported the loaded ammo to sell. What is the story on the 30C 81 and CCC 30M1 82 headstamped Carbine?


Dan & John, I assumed that it would be a .30 Carbine production without a headstamp not easily identificable as a CCC product. This information was written back in 1972 and certainly has nothing to do with the Taiwanese ammunition. Maybe is all wrong but the data concerning the 8 mm Nambu cartridge was very detailed.

Are there any unheadstamped .30 Carbine rounds that could be a CCC product?

Thanks Fede,
No unheadstamped rounds that I’m aware of. And I don’t recall any on Ron’s Carbine CD. BH does not know of any, and someone else will have to ask BW. (I used up all my questions last year!) But please let us know if you find out more. A picture of the CCC unheadstamped Nambu base, might tell us something too.
Thanks again,

Thanks Dan, my intention is not to send you on a wild chase based on a comment made in an old article. I only have a worthless black and white picture of the CCC 8 mm Nambu case body but not of its base.

Hey everyone i was just curious if this ammo was hard to come by or is it fairly common among vintage ammo. And do you think i paid too much or got a good deal thanks for your input.

I suggest you check out the website to answer your original question. There are some Connecticut Cartridge Company boxes for sale right now including a 45-90.

A friend inherited this box of shells with a Winchester 33 WCF

Since this thread has come back to life, I will mention that
for years, I have had a large box marked only "SAUK 8MM Nambu"
with NO other information. It contained an unknown quantity of
NUPE cases. The quantity is unknown, as the box will hold more than
a hundred, but when I got it, it was only about half full. No quantity is
shown on the box. These are turned-brass, boxer-primer type cases
with no headstamp. Very lately, they have been identified to me by
a collector quite expert in this caliber as likely having been CCC manufacture.
No documentation for this, but judging from all the factors involved, it seems
likely that the information is correct.

John Moss

Dan, the myth becomes reality: a .30 Carbine box by CCC!!! Reported headstamps are L C 51, L C 52, L C 54, R-P 30 CARBINE, and 7.62x33 NWM 59. All of them are soft point reloads.


This cartridge is not mentioned in any price list that I know of, including those kindly provided by Gary M. (thanks again!). However, an article published in 1972 says: “…CCC turned to manufacturing M1 Carbine ammunition full time shortly thereafter [after November 1964] and discontinued all other cartridge calibers” (sic).



Thanks Fede!
Now we know what was in that box. I got a pic from 2014 from somewhere, but I could not find out what was in it. CCC%20Carb%20box%20crop