Connecticut residents denied ammo purchases outside CT

The new laws regarding guns & ammo in CT went into effect on Oct 1st, and although it clearly applies only to purchases inside the state of CT, some CT residents have been denied ammo purchases outside of the state by other large retailers in the New England region due to confusion on their part, and being overly cautious as some major retailers are. The article is here, and mentions LL Bean in Maine:

As if the law itself weren’t pointless enough, being just another version of the hapless Illinois FOID card requirement, it is having unforeseen effects in the region around CT. The funny thing is that most retailers aren’t asking any questions, and I’m not sure how retailers who were, are carding every single person who wishes to purchase ammo to see if they are from CT - it seems slow and excessive. I know that the Cabelas in Scarborough, Maine isn’t checking, and they are 30 minutes closer to CT than the LL Bean in Freeport is. Bizarre law and story.

Prime example of a solution in search of a problem. Poorly written and executed regulations that made someone feel they have made a difference.

Here I thought my state had a lock on stupid ideas.