Contact from Canada

Hi all!! I am in Canada and I would like to have contacts who sell ammunition to enlarge my collection. Someone know?

Where abouts are you located in Canada?

Hi Sherryl, im located in Quebec.

Hi Vezzanth
At least it is nice to know roughly where you are,What are you collecting?? Yes I have plenty of
stuff here to get someone started but I am honest with you I am not doing list I found out it is not
worth my time the other problem is the shipping you can only ship it by CAN PAR and they almost
use blackmailing methods to do it.I do not think you would like it if we were to agree on 40$ worth
of cartridges and they would want the same amount in shipping??But I will tell you what I by chance
next summer you should be somewhere in Northern Ontario let me know and you will find cartridges
at your hearts desire…Sherryl

The IAA has a membership list that includes a lot of Canadians. it is free with your membership. Plus you get a lot of good solid information useful in your study of ammunition.

sherryl, I collect all the ammunition. 1 copy of each caliber. I have more than 400 different calibers. give me your email i will send you pictures.

If you join the IAA as a paid member you receive the member list that will show several Canadians. Offers to buy or sell on the forum occur in the buy/sell/trade folder.

Thank you for your kind offer,however I have an extensive collection myself
as I mentioned to you previously if you should by any chance come to
Northern Ontario please contact me and I will give you the where to go.

Hi, do you have any for sale? I bought several ammunition and shipper by dicom (I have an account with them) We could do business together, you probably have some that I don’t have. :) excuse me, my english is pitiful, i speak french

Hi Vezzanth
I am in North Bay, On. can you give me your email . Will get back to you.

Hi! My mail is

Hi, please see the buy-sell area on the forum
Paul is located in Canada

West coast of Canada myself, just outside of Vancouver, BC.

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Hi tootallDean, what do you collect?

A bit of everything, it seems. :)

Gents, any chance you could switch to a private conversation?

The only “CanCon” alternative I am aware of is CanadianGunNutz forum. Have to get access to the EE subgroup.

EOD wath do U mean?

He means you should use the message feature to carry on this kind of personal chat. The Forum is for discussion on cartridges.

To send a message, click on the individual’s symbol (mine is “LEW” in a purple circle) then click on the blue “MESSAGE” block.