Contacting eBay / GunBroker sellers to clarify their ads

Does anyone here contact sellers on either eBay or GunBroker with info regarding their items for sale? On occasion, I’ve let the seller know exactly what they’re selling because some simply don’t know or ask for help. Others it seems, deliberately list their items with misleading titles in hopes of catching a sucker. But lately though, I see so many of them that I simply don’t bother. I don’t like to see anyone get duped into buying something that clearly isn’t worth the asking price, but then again, I don’t want to rain on the seller’s parade because it’s none of my business what other people do.

For example, here’s one that I thought about contacting: … 19fafc9109

He listed a belt of 32 rounds of blank ammo (live) for the M60 MG. It’s listed as “WWII dummy ammo” and the “buy it now” price is $195… If he can get that out of them, I’ll send him a pallet full and we’ll split the profits!


I have on a number of occasions. But like you said, it happens so frequently, I have basically stopped informing people, unless the item is outrageously priced…


When I first entered cyberspace several years ago I saw it as my duty to police the various auction sites and advise sellers of the errors of their way. Today, I’m also a seller and a few years older and wiser, so I bite my tongue and move on to the next ad. It’s not worth the aggravation, and it’s not really any of my business.

Caveat Emptor


I too…bite my tongue

Nothing better than a very rare “WWI” or “WWII” Lazy Dog flechette for some double digit price (up to $25)…what’s worse…I know of no reference that they saw the light of day pre 1950’s

how about this one at a penny less that $39 !!! … 5b0c0dfc1e

“There’s a sucker born every minute” (not really a PT Barnum line)

I’m all ears

teach me something…Did the US have aircraft involved the WWI thatwould have dropped flechettes?

(obvoulsy not “Lazy Dogs/Yellow Dogs”)