Cool Israeli IMI Ammunition Desk Top Model

I found this interesting IMI desk top model of one of their 105MM APDS rounds also including the impressions of of their NATO 9MM Headstamps embedded in the lucite. I just got it today directly from a guy in Israel who stated it was given as an award to a IDF tanker. No clue if true story or not.


I think at one time their were 3 9MM cases included with model that have since fallen off. Their headstamp was still left visible so I took a picture with a light source in the back.

That’s a neat little piece, Jason. The “award” story is probably true. The uniqueness of the mini-105 would lead me to believe it might have been to an officer who worked along with IMI testing some kind of equipment, but an "award none-the-less.
I’m not familiar with the 9mm headstamp impressions, perhaps Lew will say if they’re a known style or not.

I think these were probably 5.56mm rounds, not 9mmP. The 9mmP rounds from this perios have a two digit date (NATO IMI 02-02) and the earlir ones have 9mm in the headstamp on NATO marked cartridges. There is a headstamp (NATO IMI 91) known in 1991 dates only but the year and IMI are reversed from the headstamps on your display.

Maybe somebody else knows of a 9mmP with this headstamp, but I have never seen one.



You’re probably right as the 5.56 and 9mm heads are very similar.

Jason, if you could find out what calibre the rounds were, it probably would not be too difficult to get some replacements.

Thanks for the great info on it. I really like Israeli ammunition, especially their tank ammo and 60MM Apfsds-T round. I could not pass on this desk top award. I never thought about trying to locate and replace the missing rounds. GREAT idea Falcon, thanks. I know almost nothing about small arms ammunition and have no clue were to find them but the hunt is on.


I doubt the rounds would be expensive, its just finding three of the rounds with the right headstamp. I have a few empty cases that I’d like to replace with inert rounds that should be fairly common, but I can’t find them anywhere.

The rounds that were on there, as the impression of the primer shows a firing pin mark, were probably fired cases reloaded with dummy bullets. Are you sure the guy who sold it to you didnt take them off to ensure it would be legal to ship to the USA?

What is the model 105mm round made of? Is it turned from a length of solid brass rod?

That is a possibility, but I have no idea if that is what he did. The 105MM is a model of a IMI APDS pot style round. It is not marked in anyway so I am not sure of the specific type classed model. It is very heavy and does appear to be made from a single turned solid piece of brass.

If the round is solid turned brass, this award was obviously quite a good thing to win as this indicates that it would be fairly expensive to make, and some time went into it.

And it came with that neat SHARPIE!

The guy charged me extra for the sweet Sharpie :-)

It is definitely very nicely constructed. Very heavy. I will take a better picture of the emblem which is the IDF Tank Force symbol. Israel has used many tanks over the course of their short history. This must be a older award as the new Merkava 3 & 4’s only uses 120MM ammunition with combustible cases.

PS: On a separate note, I’d like to send out my condolence to the parents & the entire country of Israel for the loss of their 2 kidnaped soldiers returned yesterday in coffins.