Cool little bomb BLU-82

This liquid ordnance went fuse-on-the-stalk-down so it may detonate above the ground and spread burning liquid mixture thus cauterizing a helicopter landing circular pad into the jungle. Cool instant heliport!!!

Above is a 15,000 pound Dasiy cutter

Below is the MOAB


I think what is pictured is the 15,000 LB BLU-82. However, it has been mis-“Nicknamed” as has been done so often in the open literature. First, these “nicknames” while popular, are rarely documented in “official” text. Examples include “Buff, Sluff, Warthog, Aardvark, etc.” In Viet Nam, the 36 inch MI fuze extender was used on the complete range of General Purpose and Low Drag bombs, and IT–the extender–was called a “Daisy Cutter” for the effect of initiating the explosive train at a height to allow above surface detonation. The only use for the extender that remained after early use was the “Cheeseburger” as the BLU-82 was nicknamed, therefore, it gained a second “nickname” of daisy cutter. To us older guys, who loaded LOTS of Mk 82s, M117s, etc. with fuze extenders, we cannot be fooled or misled–the two items are separate.

Now, before I get all sorts of posts questioning my knowledge, my experience, even my parentage, as has happened before, go ask any AIR FORCE weapons loader, munitions technician or EOD troop who served with this system (the EXTENDER or the CHEESEBURGER) prior to the end of Vietnam. DO NOT ask any Army “groundpounder,” any service’s special operations personnel who served in later operations–HINT: the last known drops WERE NOT over jungles!-- or heaven forbid, any PILOT who claims to have perfect knowledge of the weapons and their nicknames.

BLU-82 was NOT a FAE bomb; it contained an ammonium nitrate slurry originally, and alternate fillers were pressed into service in the more recent events when various casings were “recovered” around the AF for operational use. As far as I know, actual FAE Bombs were not even tested much less fielded, in any very large size, partly because initiation of the cloud was not reliable.

sksvlad, great meeting you and your son during your visit to SLICS!

USAF Munitions Officer 1974-2004

Thanks for clarification, I just wrote what a highly aged Nam vet museum volunteer told me about this bomb.

The last use of the BLU-82 was in Afghanistan and Iraq. … er_072408/