Copper boxer primers in modern ammunition?


I have a modern looking .30-30 Win fired case stamped “R - P 30-30 WIN”. Only it is fitted with a very old-fashined looking copper primer cup, with heavily sloping edges. Did Remington ever load this round with this headstamp with a copper primer cup? Or has someone reloaded the case with a very old primer? I have inert round that has had the case drilled in this calibre with this headstamp, with what looks to be the original bullet. This has a very ordinary looking flat brass primer cup. Is the case with the copper cup original or a reload?



That primer could be any of the above. I’d really have to look at it to tell. Remington does make “modern” copper primers and, in fact, the #7 1/2 which is a match grade small rifle primer, is used by several Benchrest shooters. The large rifle copper primers are usually found in the “accelerator” rounds and, from the headstamp, I suspect that is what you have. It could also be an older primer that someone used in a handload.



Falcon-- I agree with the “Guest” posting above that you most likely have a fired .30-30 “Accelerator” case. I have 12 R-P headstamped .30-30 Win. and they all have either nickel or brass primers EXCEPT the Accelerator load. which has a larhe copper primer just as you described.



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A side note on the Rem copper primers - the ones in the accelerator rounds are a special primer developed specifically for that round since they contain a unique powder needed to build up the required pressure. I’m not sure if the primers could be used in standard bulleted rounds but I’ve never known Rem to sell them as a component, although I’m sure they would probably be perfectly safe. I can’t imagine that the Rem lawyers would allow them to market a product that had a primer that would be dangerous if used in other applications.

OTOH, the 7 1/2 small rifle primers are a catalouged item.



Thanks, I thought it may be a handloaded round, or it could be a fired accelerator case. From what you said the accelerator rounds need a different priming composition. This case has been resized by someone and now contains a very ordinary looking .308" bullet.