Copper bullion investment "PM Cu .999 1oz"

This thing looks like a dummy .45ACP. According to the seller, it is a 1oz investment into pure copper market, nothing to do with ammo, just a piece of .999% pure copper with a hope that copper prices shall skyrocket. Anyone knows what PM means?

Vlad, PM stand for Presston Mint NYC, Middle Village, NY. The ones made of silver are made by Northwest Territorial Mint, Dayton, NV and marked NWTM 1oz 999 AG.


With copper at 21 cents per ounce, how does the cost of one of those look??


You probably need to keep this for a hundred years to recover your investment. Then you start making serious money.

$5, I bought it just to post at IAA

I got these for $1 a piece as just a ammunition related novelty.


Fede, Northwest Territorial Mint has now it’s own copper line too:

Their 12GA looks impressively detailed.