Copper point bullet on USCCo .280 Ross


What is the brand name of the CN jacketed bullet with a copper point on a .280 Ross headstamped “U.S.C.Co. 280 ROSS”. Also, what years was this round produced between? Thanks in advance for any info.


Falcon…U.S.C.Co. made the bullet in your .280 Ross, and called it “Copper Point” or “Hollow Copper Point”. I have several iterations of this bullet in .30 Army cartridges. I have a cartridge sitting here to cut but have not yet done so. U.S.C.Co. catalog of 1914 shows the .280 Ross being made. All U.S.C.Co. production was terminated at about the start of WW2, the company having been under control of Winchester since 1926, but with U.S.C.Co product retaining U.S.C.Co. headstamps and packaging. U.S.C.Co. Price List for 1938 shows 280 Ross still available, with 145 grain “Copper Tube” bullet.


Thanks for the info.



You need to use your “Search” function. The U.S.C. Co. HCP protected point bullet was discussed just recently. In addition, my article in JOURNAL #445 includes it and several other patented protected point bullet designs, including sectioned specimens.



Thanks Ray. I tried searching and found nothing.



I believe it was during the time that we were on the “sectioned” kick. Some of the other bullets were shown and discussed.

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I know what you mean about the search function, it would be handy if it could just search for several words in the exact order they were typed in.