Copper Storage Box for Primers, Bureau of Ordnance, U.S. Navy Drawing, 1901, WRA Co. Technical Drawing Collection


From the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, McCracken Research Library digital collection, WRA Co. drawing collection here is a drawings from the Bureau of Ord., U.S. Navy, dated 1901, showing detailed aspects of the copper storage boxes designed to store large primers/vent tubes for naval guns.

Included in the pdf below is a screen shot of the drawing in its entirety and then screen shots of enlarged sections of the drawings to provide better detail. The drawing shows how the same type of box was modified for use with 5 different types of primers/vents.

Primer, Copper Storage Box, Bureau of Ord. U.S. Navy, 1901, WRA Co…pdf (3.4 MB)

An actual copper box with contents was previously discussed and pictured here on the Forum by JohnS: U.S. Navy Mark 15 Mod 1 Combination Primers 1918

A brief discussion on some early U.S. Navy primers by Fede:

Below is a description of the use of vent tubes:



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