Copper washed 9mm x 19 Emp 1944?


Checking some cartridges in my collection I found one from I cannot say for sure if it is copper washed or not. It’s not in the list I have (Foester?)

Headstamp emp St+ 5 44

Except the primer he’s all magnetic

The coating is not lacq, the case has a typical coppershine colour, the rim is a little bit rusty and I give just my five cents for copper washed.




Copper washed in 1944 sounds highly unlikely to me. Looks like paint remnants in the groove.


Mystery solved… I have here a few 100 cartridges not yet registrated (buyed another collection) and found more of those 1944 steel cartridges in it. So asked the former collector. Mmm…a long time ago he has done an experiment, cleaning a lot of cartridges on the same way as reloaders does with fired cases. Brass and steel together in the tumbler.Not long, but long enough to make the brass cartridges bright and shiny, but remove most of the lacq of the steel ones and give them a copper shining colour…