Copper-washed FN .30-06

Can anybody anybody identify this FN .30-06 cartridge? It is a copper-washed steel case, the extractor groove has a black protective coating and there appears to be a red paint residue around the shoulder area.

Jim, These appear to have been made on trimmed 30-06 blanks with steel cases. The only information I have suggested that they were done in the US but I could find no proof. I sectioned a few and they all matched the internal profile of the blank case.

Thank you Chris.

I have a similar round in 9x19mm with the copper plated steel case and the black finish in the groove which protects the bare steel underneath. The cases appear to have been drawn from copper plated cups and then the black finish applied to protect the bare steel exposed by cutting the groove. The 9x19mm are dated “68” and I obtained a number of them from an FN source in the mid-70s. I think the 9x19mm are a Belgian experimental and have never heard of any connection with the US. There is also a lacquered steel case in 9x19mm also dated “68” and a titanium case load dated 1962.

Because the 9mm round has no apparent connection to the US does not of course prevent the 30-06 from having such a connection.


i see (poorly) a 7.62x51 FN copper plated case similar as your 30.06 but i don’t have good look on the mouth of casing to see if is a blank trimmed