Copy of a gun Report article needed

Does anyone have 8/94-2 an article or report on Savage ammo…?

I would appreciate a copy…lost mine.

Scott - I would be happy to help you, but I cannot decipher your identification of the Gun Report that the article you want is in. You have 8-94/2. That would mean to me that it is August 1994, 2nd issue of that year’s volume. The problem is there is no such article in the August 1994 issue of Gun Report, and August is not Issue No. 2. July is No. 2 of Volume 40, and the article is not there, either.

Please let me know the proper issue, and I will find it. In the absence of a proper index of all issues, I do not have time to look through to try to find it. I am only missing 8 issues of Gun Report from 1955 until the magazine died last year, so I probably have it, and could scan it for you.


The issue is supposed to be 8/94…Aug. 1994. I have no idea which volume it is. I had one photocopied page not even enumerated if I remember correctly.

I mistakenly reffered to what I seek as an “article”

It should be question/answer/letter #2 in the section about ammo collecting…

Scott - o.k. I have it. I did look quickly at the “I on Ammo” column on my first search, but missed it. I didn’t have my reading glasses on - the penalty for being an old f–t. I will scan it and send it to your email. I will send it from my own email, as I have no idea how to send a couple of pictures to someone from this Forum. I can probably find you email, I hope, on the IAA Roster.

Scott - I have no idea what’s wrong with my computer, but I sanned the pages and they came out as wildly crooked, small portions of the scan. My compute is crap, so forgive me. I will have to made copies of the two pages on my Canon copier. They won’t be as sharp as a scan, but I have no idea how to fix my scanner/computer.

I will mail them to you to your address in the 2011 IAA Roster. Sorry for the delay this will cause. My time wasted by the hourly glitches in my computer are one reason I cut back very much on all my writing for bulletins, and on this Forum. Not the only reason, by far, but certainly one of them. Unfortunately can’t buy a new one.


Computer issues can drive one crazy.

Snail mail if OK…my address is in the member list.


Scott - the copy went out this morning by USPS mail. Sorry again I can’t scan it. It appears my scannet broke internally or something. At my age, unless my wife insists, I will not replace it.


Thanks so much for the help