Copyright on cartridge manuals

I am currently busy with the 455 Webley series for the website and I have the following manuals:
British Service Pistol Caliber Ammunition Series 2 Pamphlet 3 (Labbett & Mead);
British Commercial Revolver & Self Loading Pistol Ammunition Series 1 Pamphlet 2 (Labbett & Mead);
Pistol Cartridges - The Webley Story - Author unknown, it is a photocopy of a 50 odd page article, publication unknown;
Notes on .455 Webley Revolver Cartridges (Lynn Harris, published 1987);

I want to scan and upload these on the website, but not sure who owns the copyright. If you do (or know who does) and give consent please let me know.

Labbet has passed away, so his heirs would hold any copyright.
Pistol ctgs: The Webley Story; similar situation.
Lynn Harris, a NZCCA member, has also passed away.
In most of these cases, if Copyright has been claimed and registered, it usually lasts 50 years from Publication, or in some cases from death of author ( and held by estate or heirs).
Enquiries can be made to Copyright Office in UK, or to NZCCA in case of Lynn Harris.


“The Webley Story” was by a W.C. Dowell long since deceased and my copy which is a later reprint states "Copyright # 1987 By the Commonwealth Heritage Foundation 9805 N.E. 116th Street, Kirkland, WA. 99034.

Jim Buchanan

That would be NZCCC.