Cor-Bon 9mm Urban Response

I received a box of 50 9mm Cor-Bon “Urban Response” loads today. These came direct from Corbon since I can’t seem to find them in stock at any online retailer yet. These were announced over this past summer as a new release, but have only just come into production recently apparently. They seem to be like a Corbon Pow’Rball, but with a slightly softer ballistic tip, and probably a couple other minor difference that I can’t detect. These are 100gr +P, and clock a speedy 1475 fps. These are along the lines of the recently evolving ballistic tip loads like the Hornady Critical Defense / Critical Duty, or more similarly the Nosler bonded-tipped 9mm, which prevent plugging and aid in uniform expansion. I would say that this is almost a re-branding of their Pow’Rball line into a cooler more tactical sounding self-defense line, which is the trendy thing nowadays. Indeed, the original prototype-label seen in the bottom photo which was posted over the summer at the Tactical-Life blog shows printing identifying the load as a “100gr Pow’Rball”, but no link to the Pow’Rball brand is found on the current production boxes. Thanks to Dave Call for pointing this release out to me.

Awsome Matt. As always thanks for posting those photos!

What is a VV on the primer?


The V V marked primer indicates a primer made by CBC: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=17260


Thanks Brian

Cor Bon has just recently released a new promo sheet for this ammo, which is sure to feature prominently at SHOT show 2016 for them in a couple months. It shows graphics for a 3rd box type, with custom graphics for this line. Not sure if they are in production yet, but as stated earlier, I can’t find the 9mm ammo anywhere online other than the Cor Bon website. So this box type is likely intended for mass distribution, and the generic boxes they have now are probably just proto-versions for early sale.