Coralite shotshell


I have never seen this shotshell in any catalogue, soo for whom was it made?uk e coralite 12pink s


Coralite was manufactured for sale in Australia, I have been told who for but am having a senior moment and can’t remember… Jim, come on who was it for??.

It came in three colours (or rather I have seen three colours), so there may have been more.

If Jim doesn’t know who for and nobody else replies, I know who to ask ;).


PS, the only boxes I have seen for that cartridges have the Eley Bros Ltd., Grays Inn Road Address in London so a fair early cartridge.



Attached pic of the box.
Coralite was made in England by Eley Bros. for S. Cohen of Melbourne, Australia. circa 1907.

Jim Buchanan




Thanks for the answers, they were very informative