Corbon 9mm private label job for Suarez International

I came across this listing recently for some 9mm +P solid copper hollow point in 50rd boxes at One Source Tactical. It apparently is a private-label job from Cor-Bon (DPX projectiles) for One Source, who markets it as “TSD Combat Systems” 9mm. I would imagine the headstamp is typical Cor Bon. This has been around for about 2 years based on an announcement of it’s arrival being posted in a forum from Dec, 2012.

One Source Tactical is the retail website for Suarez International, run by Gabe Suarez (Google him). “TSD Combat Systems” is some component of Suarez in terms of branding via One Source. Suarez International also runs the Warrior Talk forum, which in my personal experience was one of the most elitist and unpleasant forums I had ever been in.

TSD 9mm schp

Thanks Matt!
Charges about twice what it is worth, but lets see what the hst is, probably normal Corbon.


Matt - Is the Cor®Bon DPX bullet made by Barnes? I see the website for TSD shows the ammo loaded by Cor®Bon but with a Barnes X-Bullet.

I wonder why these companies charge so much for their ammo, when the components and labor (if they are running a professional operation) cost little more than than of ordinary ball ammo from other companies, other than the projectiles, which are a little higher in cost. Not enough to justify the huge price difference. I guess the “combat mystique” is considered to be worth a very big premium in some quarters!?

John - Yes, I should have mentioned that. Cor Bon is just packaging up their own brand of “DPX” in this instance, which are loaded using the Barnes TAC-XP bullet. Almost all of the solid copper hollow points out there with this typical SCHP bullet style use the Barnes X-bullets, except stuff from Magtech (they make their own), and then a few other loaders like PNW Arms, or Crossfire Ammo who use the version as manufactured by General Bullet of Grafton, OH which looks almost identical to the Barnes bullet.

Of course today you also get a bunch of manufacturers like Lehigh Defense, Cutting Edge (PHD ammo), G2 (R.I.P. ammo), and Grizzly Cartridge (X-treme) who have their own oddball SCHP bullets.