CorBon Pow'RBall .45GAP - 4 types

In my collecting of .45GAP cartridges, I have recently come up with a 4th type of box for the CorBon Pow’RBall, which seems excessive given that the caliber has only been around for roughly ten years. 3 of the boxes below are the same size, and are the correct height for .45GAP while 1 box is higher, probably a re-purposed .45acp box, and it also has the tiny plastic window cut into the box. This window box is my most recent acquisition, and it surprised me by having Glaser Silver (safety slug) tips for the Pow’RBall nose instead of the standard opaque white plastic tip. I have always noticed that the Pow’RBall loads have a dirty white or opaque grayish plastic ball tip, while the Glaser Safety slugs were either blue or silver (marbled silver on the newer ones). I cut a bullet open to be sure, and it was a regular Pow’RBall load and not a Safety Slug. They just used Silvertip balls in these for whatever reason. It is shown below on the left, with another rd from a different box on the right:

The cases are all Starline, and I have never seen a CorBon heasdstamp for this caliber.