>Correct rimfire id?

Wanting to confirm correct id on these 2 rimfires.
Top item no hs. .344 bullet,1.24 overall length,.87 case length, .439 rim diameter. Bullet and case match 35 Allen but not overall length or rim?
Bottom item large U hs. .433 bullet, 1.16 overall length, .638 case length, .517 rim diameter. 44 Short? Do I need to know that rimfires often have size fluctuations from published dimensions? COW editions show 44 short case length at .688?

Still looking to id these 2.


No. 1 looks like a .38 Long, but the bullet shape has been altered and is not factory original.
No. 2 is a .44 Short. Case length can be as low as .607’’ and as high as .695".



Thanks again Fede