Corrosion on .32acp Hydra-shok?

Whilst looking into my Hydra-Shok bins to do some photos for another thread, I noticed that almost all of the .32acp loose rds I had were corroded on the projectile, fairly bad with a green & gray crud that makes them look as if they were left outside in the rain for a month. These were new out a box from the past 10 years or so, and date from around the same time as all of the other several Hydra-Shok loads I have in other bins - none of which show corrosion. In fact none of the hundreds of different load types of loose rds I have in little bin drawers shows any corrosion like this and I am wondering if anyone can check their .32acp Hydra-Shoks to see if it theirs shows it as well.

Bob Ruebel - you must have some?

The one round I have doesn’t show any corrosion

please post pictures.

Here is a photo

DK - I have three variants in my own collection - I am assuming
these are all Federal. None of them shows any corrosion. The
particular cabinet they are in, however, has no wood products.
It is a steel cabinet, with the bottoms lined with corrugated plastic
and the row dividers are all plastic. Also, my room has a dehumidifier.
I mention these things because they bear on causes of corrosion.

John Moss

Maybe it’s just the way the photo looks, but it looks like normal lead corrosion with a little copper oxidization. Have you tried cleaning them?