Could you resort to this if neccesary?

Could you resort to shooting up your collection in a survival scenario (or murderer on the loose, kidnapper, or what have you)? I almost did today. Some guy shot 4 people here in this little town and we aren’t allowed to go in or out of the town, and I had no buckshot or slugs, so I had to load up some of my collection in my Remington 1100. They are coming close to finding the guy though. I hope I don’t need to use my collection.

I think anyone would use common sense and value their life over their collection if the situation was really that bad.
However, I’d argue that anyone with modern firearms that would be practically useful in such a scenario would also have ammo meant for shooting… If all power and infrastructure went out and I skipped to the woods to make it from bark and the occasional grouse, I wouldn’t bring a shelf’s worth of collector’s ammo when I could take some boxes of civilian hunting ammo…

And a foot note- I don’t think a thirteen year old should be the one grabbing guns…

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I personally wouldn’t… Or couldn’t for that matter… Unless I set each one in a bench vise and hit them with a hammer… But even then, it would be a total waste for obvious reasons…

You folks in the United States are able to get “Home Defence” shotgun shells which contain different shot than regular shells. I don’t believe the Home Defence shells are available here in Canada tho…

Anyways, always have extra shells on hand - because you never know!

All the best!


Can you get 00-Buck up there? It’s kind of multi-use.

00-Buck is definitely available here. It is good for white tail deer too! Lol.

That was in Benedicta, Houlton, and elsewhere up above Old Town / Bangor some 1 to 1.5 hrs north of you & I (60 to 80 miles away). I would probably just leave the collection ammo on the shelf and go fishing or whatever.

Actually, he was about 5 miles from my house this morning. Killed 1 guy and injured 1 down Richardson Farm road and 1 in a trailer half a mile from my house. I know my way around Maine. I’m in Lee, by the way, so that’s a bit above Bangor anyhow. He wasn’t here for long though. He was on his way to Houlton around 8-9:00 ish my time.

When I was an active collector, I tended to collect calibers that I also shot recreationally. On more than a few occasions I have fired duplicates… Some times for investigational purposes. Doing this once revealed that what was once believed to be a normal 7.62x39mm ball loading turned out to be a sand filled dummy cartridge (K-P 7.62x39). Could I still do that today, and use cartridges in my collection as a last resort? Yes, but since I have plenty of ammunition to go through before that would happen, things would have to be really dire for me to need to do so!


I can, and do, fire ammunition from my collection. I do it over a chronograph and, sometimes, at a target. The knowledge I get adds a great deal to the collectibility. There is a lot more to a cartridge than the physical components and outside appearance.

To the OP - yes, I’d shoot any of my collection in a SHTF situation.


If you did not have a box of shooting ammo at hand for use in your gun, than maybe you should reconsider your plannings on survival…

Like most everyone else, I would certainly fire items from my collection if my survival depended on it. I would of course try to shoot the common stuff first, saving the best for last so to speak. The last magazine of 7.62x51mm would be pretty painful to fire though:

Low Recoil Tracer
Swedish SLAP
Experimental Plastic Composite Case
Experimental Overhead Fire Ball
Salvo Squeezebore

…followed by several aluminum case experimental rounds, a few choice words, and then probably my demise since I’d be out of ammo!

I would shoot my collection ammo only if it came to it, but I would start with the most common items first. BTW, I just happened to be driving through Stacyville Friday afternoon when they had a sighting of this guy on Rte 11. State Troopers and County Sheriffs were swarming everywhere in that town while most of the towns people sat along the side of the road and watched like a parade was passing by. It was both sad and comical. Thankfully, they caught him in Houlton this weekend. -Ger

The .351 WSL would be the first used. Followed by the .401 WSL.

No way, too easy to just buy some 12 bore shells, or a box of .45 A.C.P. with flying ashtray type bullets

Things happen and for whatever reason you may not have access to non-collection ammunition. If that’s the case I’d certainly use my collection if necessary.

just in case of ,i encounter collectable rounds loaded with “couscous” which i throw away (i collect only original loads with original powder ,crimping ,projo…)