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Going through some more cans of ammo I came across several boxes of 30-06 in Enbloc clips, five clips to a box. I still have the wooden crate that they came in but do not remember what the country of origin is and if they are corrosive or not. I was also told that early to mid-1950’s USGI 30-06 was corrosive and later 1950’s forward was not. Any fact to this? Many thanks.

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These are Austrian ,Cannot say if corrosive or not.


Austrian, 1955-60; Oesterreichische JagdPatronen Fabrik, temporary “Neutral” supplier to Austrian Army shortly after 1955 end of Occupation.
The Label " 7,62 GM 1" is “7,62×63 GewehrM 1” ( Garand) with which Austria was being Re-armed with by USA (
Although technically " Non-aligned" and Neutral)
“S” means pointed Ball ( Spitzgeschoss)

Very Corrosive, 5,5mm/.217" Berdan. Loaded to US M2 Specs.

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The fact that Austria received a host of different Small Arms from the U.S., including the M1 Rifle, M1 Carbine and even some revolvers was not out of sorts with their declared Neutrality. They were also, in the same general period, received military equipment from the USSR. Within my field, the cartridges made by Hirtenberger in 7.62 x 25 mm Tokarev were for use in PPSh 41 and 43 SMGs in used by Austria. That cartridge was designated as the “7.62 mm S-Patronene MP 41.” I have an 840 round box . The ammunition is by Hirtenberger Patronenfabrik.

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Correct me is I am mistaken…

As a general rule, 1952/1953 is when the switch from corrosive to non-corrosive priming happened in U.S. Arsenals: .30 M2 Ball AND AP in July 1952, corresponding to St. Louis (SL) arsenal lots SL 9420 (ball) and SL9467 (AP).

Thre is anecdotal evidence [unproven?] that some corrosive priming was used untill supplies ran out, perhaps as late as 1956, but I am uncertain of fact.
EDIT TO ADD: 1956 dated 7.62 NATO International Match, but are there others?

The exception is .30 M1 Carbine, which was never manufactured by US Arsenals with corrosive priming.
USGI Non-Corrosive Ammo Production.pdf (29.2 KB)