Couple more I need some help with please

Two more that I do not know, so any help appreciated.

And thanks to those who have given me answers so far on the others.

I understand the code number etc. on this head stamp but am I correct in the K - K at 3 and 9 o’clock stand for Karlsruhe?


Drill round as it has a wooden bullet and I am assuming F.A = Frankford Arsenal? (OK, so I got that bit wrong…)



3 & 4 have me totally lost.


#2 should be Portugal (8mm Kropatschek blank cartridge)
#3 should be SFM.

F.A headstamp is Fábrica de Armas (1869-1906)
The wood bullet is hollow.

#4 I think is 8mm Lebel
VE = Cartoucherie de Valence, France

#1: The KK is for Karlsruhe as you suspected. The serifs on the letters generally mean the case was produced before the 1930s.

#2, 3 & 4 are correctly identified above. #3 is an 8mm Lebel.


Thank you all :).

Any idea on the ART.D on item #4 ?

ART is artillerie.
ART.M is artillerie modifié
But I don’t know ART.D

I forgot to say, the M is the supplier of the brass. M is Compagnie générale d’électricité (Établissement Mouchel)

Is it possible the -D- refers to the bullettype? Balle D?

I just found that on a google search.
Balle M was flat nose.
Balle D was a spitzer boat-tail, designed by Captain Desaleux.

French research into the history showed that designation D comes from the five originally tested variations A through E. Bullet D was the version finally selected, although it underwent another minor change in shape before final adoption.
Therefore, balle D is not named after (then Major) Desaleux, who was involved in the shooting trials, but not its designer.

M and D have no connections with the kind of bullet loaded on the case .
ART= artillerie ( First type of case)
ART.M= artillerie modifié ( the case was internaly reinforced to prevent case separation)
ART.D= artillerie dégorgement ( a groove is added around the primer)

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