Couple more?

i have a couple .44 W.C.F rounds that have a yellow plastic cover in place of the Bullet. Is this most likely someones attempt to make shotshells? I can hear what sounds like loose pellets in one of the cartridges.
Then any info on the rifle bullet headstamp would be appreciated. Thanks20190112_195808 20190112_195821 20190112_195843 20190112_195853

Looks like handloaded shotshells and the larger cartridge appears to be an 11 mm Mauser barring further inspection

More probably 11x57R Werndl or Mannlicher, with Austro-Hungarian style HS.
Doc AV

Thanks for the clarification, hard to see forum pictures on mobile

The 44 W.C.F. is probably a reload using Speer Empty Shot Capsules.
Speer%20MT%20Shot%20caps Speer%2044%20MT%20shot%20caps%20box Speer%2044%20MT%20shot%20caps%20box%20end


thanks for the info.