Couple of nice cardboard shot shells

I was cleaning up my room and found these two old shells. one is a 20g western the other is a 12g peters. look how nice the head stamp is on the peters. I wish they still made shells like that.

I like 'em! I was out scrounging a local area where people shoot the other day and picked up two dozen various cartridges of the same design.

I think people are getting desperate to shoot so they are digging deep. I couldn’t believe that they had been shooting vintage shot shells.

By the way, the two dozen I picked up were unfired :)

I do not know if anyone still loads paper case shotshells, but Federal continued to load them somewhat longer than other US makers because many competitive skeet shooters preferred them over plastic shells. I had understood that the paper cases survived longer in use in very cold climate areas as plastic cases tended to split upon firing at low temperatures, and paper cases did not. I have some old Remington “Arrow” paper case shells that were shellacked to better waterproof the paper against swelling after getting wet.

There’s something about paper shells that is very nostalgic to me. I still have about a dozen boxes of Winchester, Federal and CIL paper-cased shells from the 1960s, some of which I use for hunting. I also still reload paper cases but they don’t last very long.