Cracked necks in pistol ammo

Why is pistol ammo less prone to having necks cracked (comparatively to rifle ammo)?


Straight case shapes require much less deformation of the material, resulting in less remaining stress.
Its not so much pistol versus rifle, but straight versus bottlenecked.

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How about things like Tokarev 7.62x25mm which is bottle necked? They also are less likely to have cracked necks.

As I understand it, the material is not as significantly stretched to form a pistol case compared to a longer rifle case.

This leaves less stress in the brass used to manufacture a pistol case.

From what I have read, some makes of Cold war era Tokarev cases have been known to crack.

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I have a lot of cracked Tokarev cases.


Ditto 7.63 Mauser. Jack

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OK, so the necked pistol ammo is as much prone to crack as rifle ammo. My oversight. I pay more attention to rifle ammo, hence my skewed view.

I think it has more to do with the makeup of the cartridge: who/when/where it was made.

I have seen MANY Russian made [Russian Federation, not necessarily made IN Russia?] 7.62x25 Tokarev rounds with split necks, right out of the “spam can”, (as many as 40%), while I have never seen Chinese made Tokarev rounds of the same era of manufacture with split necks.
Neither have I seen Czech made Tokarev/PPSh rounds with split necks, and I shot quite a lot of that, made in the late 1940s’ to possibly the early 1960s’.

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As others have correctly answered, cartridge brass typically has less work hardening when forming pistol (usually short, often straight or semi-straight wall) versus bottleneck rifle cases. Brass “work hardens”, and needs to be annealed to restore malleability. If you investigate how typical rifle brass (e.g., .30-'06 or .308 Winchester) is made, you’ll find many annealing steps during the process. If a manufacturer can cut out one or more of these steps, that saves time and cost. Of course, the quality (metallurgy) of the brass plays a big role too. Even 7.62x25 or 7.65x21 (.30 Luger) brass has fewer manufacturing steps than .30-06.

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Joe: The 7.62 Tokarev and the 7.65 Luger have fewer manufacturing steps than the .30-06 but they also have more steps than the 9 m/m Luger or the .45 ACP. Jack

Yes… they do.